Kids just wanna have fun

December. Normally, I would be having a hot cup of coffee and watching ESPN on a winter Sunday morning. But not this Sunday.

By 10:00am, the air temperature reached 57 degrees, the sun is out, and the wind is nothing but a light breath from mother nature. My kids are screaming at the top of their lungs that it’s nice out and they want to go outside and play. Knowing that I still have about 3 dozens of minnows swimming in the bucket, I decided to take them down to the river and let them decide whether to fish or to run around like WILD animals.

They both wanted to fish, so I hooked them up and let them have at it.  The next 10 minutes they were the quietest that have been in months as they concentrate on their little bobbers.

I was chatting with the other fishermen about things when one of them said, “Hey man, I think the little guy’s got one hooked!” I looked over and I see Matthieu pulling on his Sponge Bob rod (my ice rod to be. HA!). I jumped in and showed him how to reel the fish in; I unhook the bass and showed him how to lip it and he proudly grip the little guy and raised it like it’s a 5 pounder.

Matthieu has just officially landed a little bass for his first ever December fish.


While we release the bass, Brendon who was fishing about 15 feet away was not distracted by all the excitements his little brother was creating and kept his concentration on his bobber.

I heard him called out for me and I looked over and saw him brought in a little walleye and was trying to lip the little guy. I stopped him immediately and explain that these are toothy critters and it’s not wise to lip them at all.

I made him wet his hands in the river and instructed him to hold the walleye gently while I grab a picture. He then carefully put the fish back in the river.


For the next 40 minutes the kids continued to fish and caught a few more fish until they discovered the thick school of shads hanging out near by and off they went to observe and try to fish for them.

Before all the shady business:

I did not really fish myself on this beautiful day,  but watching the kids learn about the art of angling and having fun doing it was well worth the time and effort.

Next week, hopefully my knee will hold up so I can get in the water one last time before the iceman cometh.