Angler’s Log 2013:02:26 – Nice Ice

IMG_2959bbIt’s been lots of fun on the ice the past 2 weeks. Loons Lake at SIlver Spring State Park and Harrier Lake at Pratts Wayne Forest Preserve were great locations for a bunch of DuPage Anglers (Pondboy, DarkStar, Brim Reaper, Rocknfish, and JTC24) trying to escape cabin fever.


Between Little Atom Lures, spikes, and minnows, I managed to give about 30 fishy friends the CPR special. But the special fish would the little Yellow Bass from Loons Lake. It’s the first yellow I’ve caught in the area since the mid 90’s and this little guy brought back some great memories.


At Harrier Lake, I was able to locate the crappies for some pre-spring warm up. Instead of finding them suspending, I found them in a small cove area with weed bottoms by a drop off from 6 to 12 ft. Looks like they were cruising the area searching for food. The action was not heavy but I was able to manage a few  and they were pretty good size fish for our area.


With old man Winter trying his best to hang around, I am hoping we can get one more weekend of fun on the hard stuff.

Let’s get right down to business.

Fish Count

  • Bluegill: 17
  • Walleye: 4
  • Perch: 1
  • Yellow Bass: 1
  • Crappie: 9

Until next time.