Magic Under The Ice

2014 started with a lot of excitement. Not only the ice fishing has been excellent despite the super cold spell we had, We have also been trying some new locations this year and so far they have been pretty good with perch, crappie, blue gills, bass, and channel cats have been caught from them. We have even found our selves a nice little honey hole for open water as well! Finally, I am super excited about being a part of Aurora Lure Company.

Aurora Lure’s first product are the Magic Maggies. This is a life-like soft plastic maggot bait that ALC is very proud of as a ice fishing lure. It comes in red and white and are scented with the Dirty Scent. This is a anise based scent with a blend of earthy spices that seems attracts fish and supposed to leaves a scent trail.

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I have been fishing with this little bait since December and I have to say that so far 80% of my fish were caught with Magic Maggies. Including some really really nice gills(we are talking 8″ plus. This is consider BIG in my area). Above is a little slide show of the lure and some of the fish I’ve caught with them. At the bottom is a promotional video which has my ugly mug in it.

ALC are also planning on some exciting open water lures for the up coming season, and I will share them with you when I can. As for now, you can buy the Magic Maggies from Aurora Lure Company at their Online Store and please visit their Facebook Page to click LIKE. Of course I will continue my ice fishing escapades and hope to add more species(walleyes, pike, hopefully some trout) to my list.

Until next time, enjoy the ice season and tight lines!

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