Lots of new things!!

A lot has happened since the last time I published a blog entry. I now have a new YouTube Channel, a new Facebook page, a awesome new venture, and now a brand spanking new FEELFREE LURE 11.5 fishing kayak!

I will touch on the new channel, FB page, and the exciting new venture in detail in future posts. But today I want to give you guys a head up on my plans for the new kayak. I will probably make some changes along the way, but here is the first draft blue print. I will probably have more renderings, mock ups, and crazy ideas before I am done so please bare with me.

I want your opinions, ideas, and thoughts so don’t hold back. This is going to be quite the adventure.

SO here it is, my new FEELFREE LURE 11.5. I am calling it “ERNIE” in honor of the late Mr. Cub:


to be continued……