JC1’s Castaway and the social media gooey good stuff


A few months back my son said to me, “Daddy, how come all of your posts and videos are about fishing?” So I went back took a quick look and he is right. It’s beginning to over run my Facebook and Youtube postings.

“You know you should create a new channel and page.” Said my son, “I had to create a new channels to keep my Minecraft and Pokemon video separated.” Really? Kids are so damn smart these days. But he’s right, I need to give my fishing endeavors an entity of it own. So after some thinking and tinkering, the JC1’s Castaway Youtube channel was created.

After searching and reading various posts and articles around the web, I came across a couple of Chris Payne’s articles, this is when I decided I should try to put some effort in to this. Thus the Facebook page was born follow by the name change to this blog.

What am I trying to accomplish with all this? Well, I am not quite sure. But I do know I want to share my adventures to others but I don’t want to fall into the classic unboxing and I won’t want to show you how to Texas rig something. I will talk about what I am using, what I am doing, and maybe how I am doing it. I will be promoting a few things which I am involved with and deeply believe in as well. I am not going to pretend I know something you don’t, because I probably don’t. 🙂

I hope this will evolve into something that has an audience who are intelligent, fun, and interested in the sport of fishing in its various forms. I hope if I ever do a review, it will be informative and interesting. If I continue to do videos on why and how I do things, I hope they will help others in some way. Finally, I hope you’ll like what I have to show the world.

So, I am going to ask you subscribe, like, follow, share, and whatever else you do on the web.

Thank you.